Color It In Book

Coloring in is for everyone! It is a relaxing, rewarding and fun experience. Color It In Book is a 28 page (including the cover) coloring book that you can print and use over and over. What’s inside? 28 coloring pages (includes the cover) Beautiful coloring pages based on Quaymbo Illustrations Excellent activity for adults ANDContinue reading “Color It In Book”

Beginner Yoga Ebook

Beginner Yoga Ebook COMING SOON // $34.99 Yoga poses and sequences for beginners. This guide is perfect for those of you who are just starting out on your yoga journey. What’s inside? 6 core sections 80 pages Over 100 gorgeously illustrated yoga poses. Step by step guidance on how to get into poses Specific sequencesContinue reading “Beginner Yoga Ebook”