My story so far

My story so far

After studying my degree, I took some time to paint and freelance. I wanted to keep active physically and mentally (I love to study) and so I decided to do a Yoga teacher training in 2016. It was a 200 hour part time course where I spent my Wednesday evenings and Saturdays immersed in Yoga. Learning yoga opened me up to meeting new people and being part of a community of many amazing people. Being an introvert naturally, teaching yoga was nerve-wrecking at first but I became used to it, and although it still comes with it’s challenges, I feel that I have gained confidence in myself and my abilities, but I am still a student. 200 hours was never enough learning for me and any chance I got, I would jump on board to take a workshop on arm-balances or sequencing.

After a few months of continuous practice, I had fallen into the trap of just stretching during yoga and avoiding any strength work, this led to a SI Joint injury and back pain. My chiropractor told me to strengthen my core because it was very weak! I studied a Classical Pilates Mat course with the intention of strengthening and understanding my core better.

In 2018 I fell pregnant and so to adjust my yoga practice safely, I did a Prenatal Yoga course.

Why an Ebook?

When I teach yoga at gyms or privately I always get asked how to do poses, and there is never enough time to explain in detail. I enjoy working with beginners, especially when they come back to class and carry on with their practice. Creating a beginner book is my gift to them so that they can start on a good foot of their journey.

Pregnant women that drop into my class never know what to do or how to adapt poses for their bodies. I created a 1-page handout for them to use during our gym class and then at the end of class they usually requested a private lesson from me.  Putting down my ideas for Prenatal Yoga (while I was pregnant, I had a lot of free time) became an illustrated guide for them to modify poses in class as well as for at home.



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