Private Yoga Sessions


Offering private, and semi-private yoga and meditation sessions.

A private session allows a more intimate view into YOUR practice. You can start a new practice, deepen your current practice or spend some time working with an injury or specific goal or concern. You define the place: at your home/ in the park/ in the office.

    • Develop the tools to build a home yoga and/or meditation practice.
    • Refine the physical practice to tailor your body’s needs.
    • Eliminate stress and detoxify the body through practice.



60 minute private & 60 minute semi-private:

Price upon request. Only bundle packages available, no drop-ins.
(All private sessions require a 24 hour cancelation for a refund.)


Private Packages

Beginner: Perfect for first-time and newer practitioners. Introduction to yoga working through the basics with asana, pranayama, meditation. This program will assist in setting up your yoga practice by laying down the foundations.

Intermediate: For practitioners looking to deepen their practice and already have a foundation in yoga. The sessions move at faster pace flowing through sun salutations, standing postures, core strengthening, back bends, forward bends, hip-openers, and finish with guided meditation. Deeper focus on pranayama (breathing exercises) and philosophy are integrated into the practice of movement meditation.


Ready? Let’s get started

Email me for questions or book now to arrange for a consultation and your first private lesson.

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