Fine Art Commissions

You’re invited to take an inspired journey

Join me for the wonderful process that will create your personalised artwork.

Visualise the daily JOY you can experience, seeing and original artwork that speaks to you.


Artist Statement

I’m known for multi-layered, vibrant, lively and colourful abstract paintings. My paintings generally evolve through a process, beginning with lots of colour and bold vigorous brushstrokes. Mixing chance and order in a way that allows neither to dominate is my way to engage with the challenge of each piece. Working layer upon layer, a lot of the time I find myself responding to previously made marks. These marks and brushstrokes are part of a a visual language that I have been developing from drawing and are now translated into acrylic and oils.


Be part of the creative process

  • We meet and you share your story and intentions with me.
  • I work on preliminary sketches/paintings, then you choose which studies will be reinterpreted on a larger custom canvas or masonite board.
  • Extensive notes will be taken on how you want the artwork to resonate with you.
  • Opt to receive a beautifully crafted and signed digital Artist’s Diary, which documents and celebrates your Experience of Art. This book gifts you the ability to retrace the backstory of your artwork as it unfolds and comes to life, through the artist’s eye.

Commissioned work

Acrylic abstracts, The Coloured Cube, Springs Mall, 2017

Digital illustrations, MyCiti Bus Station, Century City, 2016


We’ll work together to create an artwork with meaning

Join the creative process by sharing your story with me. Watch your artwork come to life as it gets documented through various stages on my social media.

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